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Lit24/7 dj concert party

Who is ready to our first Lit24/7 dj concert party event in Lillehammer!

We have lit dj who wants to make Lillehammer city more lit, and want to ensure that you and your guest get best time. And off course we will rig up with lighting effects and other things, where we will make sure that there will be best dj concert party with the best club atmosphere.

We are hosting the best dj concert party of the year on 30 October at Kulturhuset banken, Lillehammer. If you miss listening to old school songs and new school that have always been hits and for an experience of non-stop music, dancing, and good vibes. Then I recommend you join this Lit24/7 concert party!.
A crossover of genres.A Hip Hop, Rnb,Pop,AfroBeats,Dancehall, Latin,Dance electronic and many more. We are sure you will hear your favorite song.
Everyone is invited so come and bring some positive vibes and don’t forget to tell a friend to tell a friend. I recommend you buy ticket early before it sells out. Vibe with us, we'll have fun.

Our headline dj: Dj24/7
Guests: coming soon.

ID.18 års aldergrense (ha med gyldig legitimasjon).
Servering: mineralvann/øl/ vin
Konsertstart: Kl.21:30
Dørene åpnes: Kl.21.00

More information about the event is in the facebook: Lit24/7 entertainment.



30. oktober 2021


Kulturhuset banken, kafe banken.


30. oktober 2021
kl. 21:30

Lit24/7 dj concert party

Sted: Kulturhuset Banken; Cafeen | Kr 200/220,- (inkl.avgift). Aldersgrense: 18 år
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